Una tradizione di famiglia

Since 1960

The sea in the heart always

A long family tradition. Formerly the work of grandfather Catello, who after spending his youth on board the ships of the Navy, decided to start chartering and excursions as early as 1960!

Business handed down for generations. Until today thanks to his nephew Alfano Ciro.

After accumulating a wealth of experience, he decided to put down roots and share his love of the sea with others.

He founded a small boat rental business, which soon earned a reputation for quality service and in-depth knowledge of the local waters.

Nonno Catello’s business was not just a job, but a real mission: to offer tourists and sea lovers a unique and unforgettable experience. Catello’s passion and dedication were passed on to his children, who continued to develop and improve the company with the same care and attention.

Over the years, the company expanded, adding new boats to the fleet and expanding excursion routes.

This legacy has come down to the present day thanks to his nephew Alfano Ciro. Alfano inherited not only the family business, but also the love of the sea and the desire to share this passion with others. With the same dedication and passion as his grandfather, Ciro has brought the company into the twenty-first century, integrating modern technologies and offering new services to meet the needs of an increasingly varied and international clientele. Today, the charter and excursion business is not just a memory of the past, but a lively and prosperous reality that continues to make its customers experience the emotion and beauty of the sea.